What Happens

    The agency's operating components must divide resources in the operating plan to the lowest level of responsibility for the use and management of resources.   These levels are called "responsibility centers," generally identified as divisions or equivalent elements.


     Operating component managers are delegated authority to spend funds as authorized by the allocations process.  The allocations set levels of resources.   Funds controls are implemented at this level - legally binding constraints exist to assure that managers do not exceed them.

Agency and Operating Component Actions

     Detailed planning on use of funds is required to make sure that programs are implemented within the constraints of the operating plan.  Planning starts with the preparation of the budget request and is updated as program circumstances change and levels of resources change.
Funding for specific contracts, grants, and supplies and services are determined as part of this planning process.  


    Starts during the budget preparation activities.  Detailed planning for use of the funds takes place during the operating planning process.  Changes and adjustments take place throughout the year.

Documents and Links

   Only internal agency plans, not generally available to the public.