What Happens and Why

     Money is available after allocations are made.  Operating managers make decisions about what to procure and what work to do.  This is the end of the process for determining funds availability and what the funds will be used for.
     Next steps are to spend the money.  Goods and services are procured and delivered, programs are implemented, work is accomplished, and government actions that directly affect people take place.
     People are needed to do the work, so opportunities arise for employment or other delivery of services.  The level of these activities is dictated by the numbers of the approved budgets or operating plans of the agency.  Access to some of the numbers in the budget is available through LINKS to some agencies.

Agency and Operating Component Actions

       They use funds and spend.  Funds control responsibilities and activities are implemented.  The core element of budget execution comes into play.  Operating managers spend most of the time that they dedicate to the budget process on budget execution.


    During the fiscal year, with increasing activity towards the spring and summer. 

Documents and Links

     Documentation of actual decisions on what to spend money is available in many formal procurement documents, such as RFPs (request for proposals), and personnel recruitment actions.   Many of these documents and information related to them are available at web sites, both governmental and private.  However, this information is only related to the documentation of decisions already made.